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About Business and Administration Courses

Understanding business management and improving skills in this regard is a fundamental condition for achieving your professional goals more quickly, such as developing your projects entrepreneurs with property and thus succeed.

A quick way to achieve this is by taking business courses. Generally speaking, they can offer you what you need to become a successful professional.

Administration and business courses

Continuing professional training is a fundamental condition for you to reach your goals faster. In this direction, we can say that taking courses in the field of management and business can make you reach success faster.

Today, there are numerous courses or qualifications that dialogue with the area of ??management and business and can, thus, make you qualify, giving your best in your respective professional area.

Here we offer several courses in administration and business, we are a platform that has numerous courses linked to the most diverse areas of management, for example, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, investments, accounting and others.

These are also courses that can be used for professional promotion purposes within a company.

Online administration courses

Today, thanks to the development of technology and the internet, it is possible to take courses directly from your home. We offer several courses on our digital platform, which can be taken online, some examples being the business finance and sales course. These are excellent courses for those who want to improve in these two segments, which are of fundamental importance for the development of a company.

So there is no more excuse. Today, you can qualify wherever you are, including at home.

Free administration courses

It was not enough to be able to take a course directly from your home, that is, from the comfort of your own home, when you select Cursa to carry out your course, you can do it for free.

All courses are free, which means that you can take one or more of them without having to pay for it, in addition, all courses have a certificate of conclusion.

As we have seen, at Cursa, you can take several courses that dialogue with the area of ??management and business. The best thing is that you can do them for free, without having to worry about the financial issue, therefore. Enjoy!

100% free courses

All our courses are free from start to finish, the student does not pay any kind of fee to study, so we are a course platform accessible to everyone .

Free digital certificate

After completing any course you can issue the certificate by downloading our app at Google Play or on App Store, certified which is fully valid, authorized by Law nÂș 9.394/96 of 1996.

Online courses with exercises

Some of our courses have exercises produced exclusively for our platform, helping you to practice the knowledge acquired in the course.

About courses on our platform

In all, there are more than 1000 courses, divided into more than 400 categories in 5 different languages, where we provide the certificate for everyone type l for free.


Free Certificate

After completing the course you will have free access to the digital certificate of course completion.

How to get it for free: It is only possible to issue the certificate in our application, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store, so you can take the online course here and use the app only to issue the certificate. Being that you can also take the courses through the app if you wish.

In digital format: After completing the course and generating the certificate through the application, the image of the same will be generated in the photo gallery of your cell phone and will also be sent to your email.

Why the certificate is important: You can use it to improve your resume, to rise in careers or positions, to enrich your knowledge and among several other applications.

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