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Drawing and painting courses are designed to help individuals develop their artistic skills, express themselves visually, and explore their creativity.

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Free online courses on Drawing and Painting

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Free video courses

Video course
How to Draw persons



24 hours and 31 minutes

Video course
Painting tutorials and lessons



5 hours and 26 minutes

Video course
Contemporary Art Trends



24 hours and 51 minutes

Video course
Draw class



11 hours and 14 minutes

Video course
Drawing tutorials and lessons



4 hours and 8 minutes

Video course
Drawing Lessons for Beginners



6 hours and 22 minutes

Video course
Beginners Drawing course



72 hours and 50 minutes

Video course
Drawing for Beginners



1 hours and 57 minutes

Video course
Drawing course for beginners

New course

2 hours and 59 minutes

Video course
How to Draw on iPad

New course

35 minutes

Video course
Oil Painting techniques

New course

23 minutes

Video course
Drawing Tutorial

New course

2 hours and 44 minutes

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What are people saying about free online courses of Drawing and Painting


Chelsea Harris

The lesson is valuable, but it would be nice to see a drawing that could be finished in the time allotted. In the free online course: Drawing Lessons for Beginners


Vusumuzi Kwaaiman Given Mtsweni

Thank you Billy, There's really a lot one can do with limited material. In the free online course: How to Draw persons


Emil Macayan Peralta

A big help for me who wants to improve more on keeping lines accurately. Love the video!In the free online course: Drawing tutorials and lessons


Mahiya Islam Mim

Thank you very much for teaching so beautifully.In the free online course: Drawing Lessons for Beginners



thank you for your hard work ????????In the free online course: Drawing Lessons for Beginners


Muntazir Mehdi Khan

best art teacher,,,but need to teach in detailIn the free online course: Drawing tutorials and lessons


Syed Muhammad Haider Raza Rizvi

your way of teaching is amazing .In the free online course: Drawing Lessons for Beginners


Vickruthii Barath

awesome In the free online course: Drawing Lessons for Beginners


amy star

welcome to Europe home of the brave only.In the free online course: Drawing tutorials and lessons


Sujan Molla

GoodIn the free online course: Drawing Lessons for Beginners

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About Drawing and Painting free courses

In a typical drawing course, students will learn basic techniques such as shading, perspective, and composition. They may also be introduced to various drawing mediums such as graphite, charcoal, and ink. As they progress, they may move on to more advanced techniques and subjects, such as figure drawing or still life.

Painting courses, on the other hand, may focus on specific mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, or oil painting. Students will learn about color theory, brush strokes, and layering techniques, as well as how to mix and apply paint to create different effects.

Both drawing and painting courses provide a supportive environment for individuals to experiment and develop their own artistic style. They may also offer opportunities for students to showcase their work and receive feedback from instructors and peers. Overall, these courses are a great way for anyone with an interest in art to improve their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

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