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About Information Technology courses

In a scenario where courses and other quality teaching methods are increasingly available for young people, it is more difficult for those who do not take advantage of these qualification opportunities to enter the market. On the other hand, greater are the chances of a good placement for young people who take the distance sport seriously and dedicate themselves.

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Free Computer / Information Technology Courses

One of the most accurate modalities for online teaching is in the IT (information technology) market. The reason is almost obvious: as it encompasses everything that is developed in the digital environment, there is nothing better than learning in that same environment.

And if you are looking for courses – from the most traditional to the advanced ones – in the IT area, know that you have come to the right place, we offer the most varied courses in the IT area. Get ready to learn from basics to advanced with courses in basic computing, programming, excel, among others.

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Online Computer / Information Technology Courses

All courses offered by Cursa are online. That means you can learn about any area of ??information technology that interests you without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

All courses are online and free, and can be taken through our website or through the app available at Android and iOS.

Courses in the IT field

Among the courses in the IT category that you will find on the Cursa platform are:

• Basic Computer Courses

• Office Productivity Courses

• Applications, Websites, Games and Backend Development / Programming Courses

• Artificial intelligence and data science courses

• Web Servers and Computer Networks Courses

• Programming Courses in C, Python, Ruby and Java

• Computer and Operating System Maintenance Courses

• Logic Programming Courses

• IT Tools Courses

• Database Courses

• Software Testing Courses

• Information Security Courses

It Course for Beginners

Cursa's IT courses go further: there are options for beginners as well as for those who already have a good foundation and are looking for something more advanced for qualification and insertion in the technology and information market.

Among the IT courses for beginners, we highlight, for example, the Javascript by The Net Ninja, Computer cience by CrashCourse and Excel basic to advanced by Trump Excel. All to have a good foundation of how programming and development works.

Free IT course with certificate

And you know what's the best? All Cursa IT courses are free and online, ready to be inserted into your curriculum. This is because they have certification for you to prove that you have completed the course. Very good, isn't it?

Free digital certificate

In addition to taking the course for free, you also receive the Certificate for free.