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Any questions about the certificate? Check the information below:

How to issue the certificate?

The broadcast function is only available when you complete the first video of the course you choose, after which you must fill in your name and email, select the courses you want in the certificate (Do not delete, just uncheck the check box to and then click Generate Certificate, remembering that you must select a maximum of 3 courses for each certificate you generate.

Why do I watch the video and not count time on the certificate?

In order for the course time to be counted in your history, you must watch all the videos until the end, because only in this way can you prove that the student is actually watching the videos.

Can I put it on my CV - curriculum vitae?

Yes, one suggestion is to put it as follows (Example):
- Course: English with teacher John
- Working hours: 43 hours
- Institute: Application Cursa (Google Play)

(Only for those who receive your certificate) How can others verify the authenticity of the certificate?

If someone wants to verify the authenticity of your certificate, that is, check if the user actually took the courses, just visit // or click here, enter the email that the user used to generate the certificate and click on 'Verify'.