Terms of use

Our goal

The website aims to be a great learning tool, through the display of courses available free on the internet and the use of the same for the issuance of certificates, proving that the user attended certain courses with a specific workload.

User Registration

The user has the option or not to register, we recommend the registration because in this way it will be able to recover all your history if something happens with your device, also facilitating the issuance of your certificates.

About the content

The content provided in the application are provided by third party producers, ie at any time, any course can be removed as amended without notice and the information made available are the responsibility of its creators.

Privacy policy

User data that is collected is used solely for enhancements and in-app functionality. In relation to geolocation information, only the name of the user's country is stored in order to implement new functionalities in the future. Your information is not shared with third parties.