Free Ebook cover Complete game programming course with Unity

Free ebookComplete game programming course with Unity

New course

48 pages

Course content

1. Introduction to Unity

2. Setting up the development environment

3. Understanding the Unity interface

4. Creating your first project in Unity

5. Import and asset management

6. Creation of terrain and environments

7. 3D Modeling in Unity

8. Texturing and materials

9. Lighting and shadows

10. Particle system

11. Animation and cinematics

12. Introduction to programming in C#

13. Variables, constants and operators in C#

14. Control structures in C#

15. Functions and procedures in C#

16. Object Orientation in C#

16.1. Object Orientation in C#: Object Orientation Concept

16.2. Object Orientation in C#: Classes and Objects in C#

16.3. Object Orientation in C#: Inheritance and Polymorphism

16.4. Object Orientation in C#: Encapsulation

16.5. Object Orientation in C#: Abstraction

16.6. Object Orientation in C#: Interfaces

16.7. Object Orientation in C#: Constructors and Destructors

16.8. Object Orientation in C#: Methods and Properties

16.9. Object Orientation in C#: Method Overloading

16.10. Object Orientation in C#: Attributes and Static Methods

16.11. Object Orientation in C#: Exception Handling

16.12. Object Orientation in C#: Collections in C#

16.13. Object Orientation in C#: Delegates and Events

17. Game Script Programming

18. Manipulating user input

19. AI Programming for NPCs

20. Creating user interfaces

21. Scoring system and data storage

22. Audio programming and sound effects

23. Physics and collisions in Unity

24. Multiplayer Game Programming

25. Game optimization for better performance

26. Game Testing and Debugging

27. Publishing games to the Unity Store

28. Publishing games in app stores

29. Marketing Strategy for Digital Games

30. Game monetization with ads and in-app purchases

31. Copyright and legal issues

32. Best Practices for Game Development

33. Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR) with Unity

34. Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) with Unity

35. Course completion and next steps

And much more...

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