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Video course
First Aid Training



2 hours and 22 minutes

Video course
Nutrition Course



9 hours and 55 minutes

Video course
Introduction to Psychology



7 hours and 12 minutes

Video course
Personal Nutrition Course



49 minutes

Video course
First Aid training



5 hours and 59 minutes

Video course
Psychology Class



12 hours and 34 minutes

Video course
Human anatomy and physiology videos



18 hours and 47 minutes

Video course
Spine Assessment



2 hours and 4 minutes

Video course
30 Days of Yoga



11 hours and 35 minutes

Video course
Anatomy & Physiology



7 hours and 58 minutes

Video course
Introduction to Psychology



18 hours and 43 minutes

Video course
Beginner Yoga Classes



23 hours and 46 minutes

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Video course
Anatomy and Physiology

New course

4 hours and 42 minutes

Video course
Nutrition and Weight loss class

New course

1 hours and 12 minutes

Video course

New course

2 hours and 59 minutes

Video course
Nursing Fundamentals

New course

13 hours and 22 minutes

Video course

New course

7 hours and 14 minutes

Video course

New course

1 hours and 2 minutes

Video course
The Human Brain

New course

20 hours and 9 minutes

Video course
Nutrition Course

New course

14 hours and 8 minutes

Video course

New course

5 hours and 57 minutes

Video course
Psychology basics

New course

2 hours and 58 minutes

Video course
Introduction to Psychology

New course

18 hours and 43 minutes

Video course
First Aid training



29 minutes

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About Health Care Courses

Have you ever thought about working in the healthcare field? This is the dream of many people and it may be your wish as well, since it is such a comprehensive sector of work and with great possibilities for professional success.

If you identify with the health area , but you have doubts about which specialty has more to do with your profile, we prepared a list with some of the most sought after courses by people who want to dedicate themselves to taking care of lives. Check it out!

Nursing Courses

Her work involves health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, in partnership with other medical professionals.

To becoming a nurse is necessary to take the course that is available in the baccalaureate modality, in which the student acquires knowledge involving first aid, treatment of diseases and emergency procedures, all based on a humanized treatment.

Cursos 100 % free

All our courses are free from start to finish, the student does not pay any kind of fee to study, so we are a course platform accessible to everyone.

Courses of Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy course prepares professionals to work in the prevention of problems in people's physical and motor skills, as well as their rehabilitation.

Upon graduation, the student will have the necessary qualifications to diagnose and treat problems caused by accidents, poor training, trauma and posture vices. Completion of the course takes between 4 and 5 years.

In the job market, physiotherapy professionals can work in hospitals, clinics or offices, companies, nursing homes, sports clubs and also provide home care.

Nutrition Courses

A nutritionist is the professional responsible for the promotion, maintenance and recovery of health through food.

This area is very comprehensive and in this case the professional can work in segments such as clinical or sports nutrition, food industries, hospitals, clinics, gyms, schools, food analysis laboratories and much more.

First Aid Courses

This is not an academic training, but it is a very important course for people who identify with the health area and even for those who do not have this identification. This is because the first aid course can enable someone to save lives.

First aid is the initial care provided to the victim before effective or professional care is possible. The goal is that the care provided can restore the patient's well-being or preserve his life in more serious cases.

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Be careful when taking professional and online courses at health area

To practice some professions in the health area, the certificate of an entry-level vocational course (which is what we offer on our platform) is often not enough. To become a nurse, psychologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, physical educator or pharmacist, you need a higher level course (college).

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Specialized Pharmacology Courses: Clinical, Industrial, and Toxicology

Pharmacology is a multifaceted field that plays a crucial role in healthcare, industry, and environmental safety. Within pharmacology, there are specialized courses that focus on different aspects such as clinical pharmacology, industrial pharmacology, and toxicology. This article explores these specialized pharmacology courses, their unique features, and the career opportunities they offer.

Specialized Nursing Courses: Pediatrics, Geriatrics, and Critical Care

Nursing is a diverse and dynamic field that offers numerous specializations, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. Among the most sought-after specializations are pediatrics, geriatrics, and critical care nursing. This article explores these specialized nursing courses, their unique features, and the career opportunities they offer.

The Importance of Studying Anatomy: Foundation for Medical Careers

Anatomy is the cornerstone of medical education, providing a fundamental understanding of the human body’s structure and function. Whether you are an aspiring doctor, nurse, or any other healthcare professional, a strong grasp of anatomy is essential. This article explores how anatomy courses are crucial for various medical careers, the role of anatomy in understanding the human body, and shares success stories from medical professionals who excelled in anatomy.

Specialized Physical Education Courses: Adapted PE, Coaching, and Sports Management

Physical education (PE) is a vital component of comprehensive education, fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and overall well-being. Within this field, there are specialized courses that cater to different aspects of physical education, such as Adapted PE, Coaching, and Sports Management. This article explores these specialized courses, their unique features, and the career opportunities they offer.

Benefits of Studying Psychotherapy: Professional and Personal Growth

Psychotherapy is a field that offers profound insights into human behavior, emotions, and mental health. Studying psychotherapy not only opens up various career opportunities but also fosters significant personal growth. This article explores how psychotherapy courses can enhance professional prospects, contribute to personal development, and shares success stories from professionals in the field.

The Benefits of Studying Psychology: Career Opportunities and Personal Growth

Psychology is a fascinating field that delves into the complexities of the human mind and behavior. Whether you’re considering a career in psychology or seeking personal growth, studying psychology offers numerous benefits. This article explores how a psychology course can enhance career prospects, foster personal development, and shares success stories from professionals in the field.

Continuing Education for Nutrition Professionals: Staying Updated

In the ever-evolving field of nutrition, staying current with the latest research, trends, and methodologies is crucial for professionals. Continuing education is not just a requirement for maintaining certifications; it is also essential for providing the best possible care to clients and advancing one’s career. This article explores the importance of continuing education in nutrition, recommended advanced courses and certifications, and tips for staying updated in this dynamic field.

First Aid Training for Parents: Keeping Your Children Safe

Every parent wants to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. One of the most effective ways to prepare for emergencies is to take a first aid course specifically designed for parents. These courses provide essential skills and knowledge to handle common childhood injuries and illnesses, offering peace of mind and the ability to act quickly and confidently when needed.

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