What is UX and User Experience and how they impact our lives

UX is an acronym for user experience in English, which in Portuguese is the user experience. You know UX because you are using a computer, cell phone or tablet every day and the apps and websites use it to be a good tool to use and to have an audience. In addition, the user experience […]

UX is an acronym for user experience in English, which in Portuguese is the user experience. You know UX because you are using a computer, cell phone or tablet every day and the apps and websites use it to be a good tool to use and to have an audience.

In addition, the user experience makes those who use the application or website come back more often and still refer to others. In this article we are going to unveil some UX points so you know what it is.

User experience at all times

UX is present before the internet is in evidence. The term used by Donald Norman originated in the 1990s. The reason UX is to make the design effective for whoever is using the website or application. But it also needs to be connected to affection and a good browsing experience. In other words, being in an application or website must:

  • Be visually attractive;
  • Have fast loading;
  • Easily find what you are looking for;
  • Be able to use it on the device you are currently using without losing its usability;
  • Be innovative and original.

Sounds like a lot, but the user who logs in and likes it will come back. For example: you have an e-commerce and only there customers can check your products. They readily have specification information such as quantity, available colors and sizes, delivery time, etc. Why? You set up the site with all the information in an intuitive way for your customer. This is where UX comes into play. The easier it is to navigate and have the information you need, the longer the user will be on your website or app.

And why should I use UX?

The user experience must be to attract and captivate. As we talked about, if your website or application is fast and intuitive, the chance of someone who came in just to know it increases to return or even to stay. I’ve had the opportunity to enter a website and find information that I would keep looking for on Google thinking that it wouldn’t help me at that time.

The idea of ​​UX is to help you convert your site (CRO) and optimize search engines (SEO). Didn’t think we would talk about SEO? Do you realize that the better the user experience, the better all the important indicators in the internet search process?

Returning to the example given, while your website is simple and intuitive, it will have more traffic due to the experience that current users have. In other words, the longer your customer stays on the simple but well-designed site, the more they will appear to other users when looking for information that leads to you. And this is also seen in the apps.


Thus, we see that thinking about the user experience is the most efficient way to retain and get more customers for a website or application. Want to know more? Take one of the UX courses at Cursa and choose to learn more about the user experience.

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