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It is a tool from Adobe Systems, with the aim of creating vector drawings.

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About Graphic design free courses

Graphic design courses are educational programs that teach individuals how to create visual content for a variety of mediums such as print, digital, and multimedia. These courses cover a range of topics, from design theory and principles to technical skills such as using design software and tools.

The courses may be offered in various formats, such as online classes, in-person lectures, or hands-on workshops, and can be tailored for different skill levels, from beginners to advanced designers. The curriculum typically includes topics such as typography, color theory, layout design, branding, and visual communication.

Graphic design courses can be beneficial for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the design industry or looking to enhance their existing design skills. Graduates of these courses may find work as graphic designers, web designers, UX/UI designers, illustrators, and more.

By taking graphic design courses, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the design process and develop the skills needed to create visually appealing and effective designs. Additionally, they can build a portfolio of work to showcase their abilities and demonstrate their creativity and technical expertise.

Free online courses on Graphic design


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