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Video course
English lessons



7 hours and 4 minutes

Video course
French for beginners



1 hours and 43 minutes

Video course
Business english course



2 hours and 44 minutes

Video course



6 hours and 22 minutes

Video course
French essentials



8 hours and 49 minutes

Video course
English grammar



4 hours and 20 minutes

Video course
German for beginners



4 hours and 10 minutes

Video course
Learn English



23 hours and 29 minutes

Video course



2 hours and 36 minutes

Video course
Learn Spanish Naturally



4 hours and 54 minutes

Video course
Portuguese listening



48 minutes

Video course



6 hours and 2 minutes

New free video courses

Video course
Italian complete course

New course

14 hours and 38 minutes

Video course
Learn British English in 90 Minutes



1 hours and 31 minutes

Video course
Daily Conversational English

New course

8 hours and 16 minutes

Video course
English Grammar for beginners

New course

7 hours and 12 minutes

Video course
French lessons A1



9 hours and 13 minutes

Video course
Learn French in 15 days

New course

5 hours and 48 minutes

Video course
French lessons A2

New course

8 hours and 45 minutes

Video course
Learn French grammar

New course

11 hours and 45 minutes

Video course
French lessons B1

New course

6 hours and 47 minutes

Video course
French lessons for beginners

New course

5 hours and 17 minutes

Video course
French lessons B2

New course

3 hours and 14 minutes

Video course
Spanish Verbs for beginners



3 hours and 42 minutes

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Online courses by subject

Japanese Grammar

Explore the intricacies of Japanese Grammar in a comprehensive course. Dive into sentence structures, verb conjugations, particles, and kanji usage. Perfect for beginners to advanced learners seeking fluency.

Japanese Kanji

Japanese Kanji courses focus on teaching the intricate characters used in Japanese writing, combining visual memorization, stroke order, and meaning, tailored for beginners to advanced learners.

German A1

German A1 course focuses on basic grammar, vocabulary, and phrases. It covers greetings, introductions, simple questions, and everyday conversations, ideal for beginners to build a strong foundation in German.

German A2

German A2 course focuses on basic language skills for everyday use, including simple conversations, grammar basics, vocabulary expansion, and cultural insights. Suitable for beginners.

German B1

German B1 courses focus on intermediate language skills, including enhanced vocabulary, complex grammar, conversation practice, and cultural understanding, tailored for learners aiming to achieve B1 proficiency.

German B2

German B2 courses focus on intermediate language skills, enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. Emphasis is on conversation, reading complex texts, and writing with improved accuracy and fluency.

Spanish A1

Spanish A1 course introduces basic vocabulary and grammar, focusing on everyday conversations, pronunciation, and cultural insights. It's ideal for beginners seeking foundational Spanish language skills.

Spanish A2

Spanish A2 course focuses on building basic language skills, emphasizing conversational fluency, grammar fundamentals, and cultural insights. Ideal for beginners seeking to enhance their understanding and communication.

Spanish B1

Spanish B1 course focuses on intermediate language skills, covering conversational fluency, grammar, vocabulary expansion, and cultural insights, aimed at achieving proficiency in everyday communication.

French Grammar

French Grammar: A comprehensive course exploring the intricacies of French grammar, including verb conjugations, sentence structure, and usage of tenses. Ideal for beginners to advanced learners seeking fluency.

French A1

French A1 courses offer beginners an introduction to French language basics, focusing on fundamental grammar, vocabulary, and simple conversational skills.

French A2

French A2 courses focus on enhancing basic language skills. They cover daily life vocabulary, simple grammar structures, and conversational phrases. Emphasis is on listening, speaking, reading, and writing at a beginner-intermediate level.

French B1

French B1 course: Intermediate level, focuses on enhancing conversational skills, grammar, and vocabulary. Includes cultural insights, interactive exercises, and practical language use for daily situations.

French B2

French B2 courses focus on advanced language skills, enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding. Emphasizes conversation, reading, and writing for fluent communication in diverse settings.

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whole system are not running properly In the free online course: French lessons for beginners


Danea Thomas

gute Nacht !In the free online course: German for beginners


Douchard Elisma

It was really interesting, I really enjoyed it. Congratulations !In the free online course: English language beginner and elementary level


Egon Dan Emmanuel Tchicaya

This course is impressive . I like it so much . Thanks a million for everything Sir LucyIn the free online course: English listening practice


Evgjeni Tase

Very useful course! In the free online course: A1 | Learn German for beginners


Jeany Radebe

She's a good teacher!In the free online course: French grammar course


Adythio Niramoyo

Great materials, but sometimes lack on support system on videos and percentage progress.. it needs to be fixed. Thank's. In the free online course: French lessons A1


M Lippert

This course! THIS IS IT! I finally found one I'm satisfied with. YOU WON'T REGRET IT! The pronunciation is correct and the course content is great! In the free online course: German A1


Binuri Sanara Elwitigala

Mein Name ist Sanara.In the free online course: German for beginners


Binuri Sanara Elwitigala

Gute Nacht..!In the free online course: German for beginners

About Language and Communication Courses

We know that learning is something that must be constant. This is because globalization is increasingly present in current contexts, accelerating technology, uniting countries and establishing international partnerships between companies.

Through this, the need for professional training arises, both for to be able to acquire a certificate, as well as to obtain even more competitive benefits and professional advantages.

Free and online English and Spanish course

On our platform you can study and learn English, Spanish, or other languages ??through our courses, with the main languages ??spoken around in the world.

What is an online language course?

Language courses seek to focus exclusively on learning a new language, or more. Anyone who has a language certificate, for example, can be anywhere in the world, as they are recognized in foreign countries.

In addition, language courses not only give you the opportunity to live abroad and put down roots wherever you are, but also offer excellent competitive advantages in the job market. The most reputable companies, in their selection processes, often require documents that prove the candidate's proficiency in the language in question, in addition to the practical tests to which they are submitted.

For this reason, having a language course will provide excellent opportunities for you, both as a person and as a professional.

100% free courses

All our courses are free from start to finish, the student does not pay any kind of fee to study, so we are a course platform accessible to everyone .

Free online language and communication course: where to find it?

For this reason, if you are looking to develop a new language or even become a polyglot, we can help you with that for free. We are a totally free online course platform, aimed at the well-being and development of professionals in society.

We offer several courses focused on languages ??and linguistics, totally professional and able to contribute to their development.

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Sign Language in Professional Settings: How It Can Boost Your Career

Sign language is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your communication skills and open up a wide range of career opportunities. As more organizations and institutions recognize the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, proficiency in sign language is becoming increasingly valuable. Here’s how learning sign language can boost your career and the various professional settings where it can be particularly beneficial.

Integrating Polish into Your Daily Life: Tips for Continuous Practice

Learning a new language is a rewarding experience, but to truly master it, continuous practice is essential. Polish, with its rich history and vibrant culture, offers numerous opportunities for learners to integrate the language into their daily lives. Here are some practical tips to help you immerse yourself in Polish and enhance your language skills.

How to Choose the Right Mandarin Chinese Course for Your Learning Style

Learning Mandarin Chinese is an exciting and rewarding journey, but finding the right course that matches your learning style can make all the difference in how enjoyable and effective your experience will be. With its unique characters and tones, Mandarin Chinese can be challenging, so selecting the right approach is crucial. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right Mandarin Chinese course for your learning style.

Why Learn Portuguese? The Benefits of Mastering This Versatile Language

Portuguese is a beautiful and versatile language spoken by millions of people around the world. From enhancing your career prospects to deepening your cultural understanding, there are many compelling reasons to learn Portuguese. Here are some of the key benefits of mastering this dynamic language.

Preparing for Italian Language Proficiency Tests: Tips and Resources

Italian language proficiency tests, such as the CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) and CELI (Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana), are valuable credentials for non-native speakers who want to demonstrate their Italian language skills. Preparing for these tests can be challenging, but with the right strategies and resources, you can achieve success. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for Italian language proficiency tests.

Exploring Russian Culture Through Language: Literature, Music, and Film

Learning a new language goes beyond vocabulary and grammar—it’s also an immersion into the culture and traditions of the people who speak it. Russian, with its rich literary history, evocative music, and compelling cinema, offers a deep dive into a vibrant cultural heritage. Here’s how you can explore Russian culture through literature, music, and film while enhancing your language skills.

How to Choose the Right Korean Course for Your Learning Style

Learning a new language is an exciting journey, but finding the right course that suits your learning style can make all the difference in how enjoyable and effective your experience will be. Korean, with its unique script and rich culture, is a popular language to learn. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right Korean course for your learning style.

Why Learn Japanese? The Benefits of Mastering This Fascinating Language

Learning Japanese can be an incredibly rewarding experience, opening up a world of opportunities and providing numerous benefits. From enhancing career prospects to deepening cultural understanding, mastering Japanese is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider learning Japanese.

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