Strategic planning in Public Management

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The Strategic Planning in Public Management is an essential tool for the implementation of efficient and effective public policies. It is a continuous, systematic and organized process that allows the public organization to establish the course to be followed in order to achieve the desired results with the optimization of resources and efforts.

Importance of Strategic Planning in Public Management

Strategic planning allows public management to set its priorities, organize resources and operations, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward the same goals. In addition, it lays the foundation for measuring results and adapting approaches as needed to achieve established objectives.

Strategic Planning Components

The strategic planning process in public management typically includes the following components:

  • Mission: Defines the fundamental purpose of the public organization, outlining what the organization does, who it does it for, and how it does it.
  • Vision: Describes where the public organization wants to be in the future. It is a source of inspiration and provides clear decision criteria.
  • Values: They are the guiding principles that dictate the behavior and action of the public organization.
  • Strategic objectives: These are the desired results that the public organization intends to achieve in a specific time period.
  • Strategies: These are the approaches that the public organization will use to achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Action plans: Detail the specific actions the public organization will take to implement its strategies and achieve its strategic objectives.

Challenges of Strategic Planning in Public Management

Although strategic planning is a powerful tool for public management, there are several challenges that can hinder its effective implementation. These include resistance to change, lack of leadership commitment, limited resources, lack of necessary skills and knowledge, and a complex political and legal environment.

Despite these challenges, strategic planning remains an essential tool for public management. When implemented correctly, it can help the public organization set its direction, make informed decisions, improve service delivery, increase transparency and accountability, and achieve better outcomes for society.

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