The role of the public manager

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In public management, the role of the public manager is of paramount importance. He is responsible for managing public resources, implementing public policies, making strategic decisions and ensuring the provision of services to the population. Effective public management requires a set of skills and competencies ranging from leadership skills to understanding the complexities of public administration and public policy.

Leadership and Management

First, the public manager must be an effective leader. This means he must be able to inspire and motivate the team, promote collaboration and teamwork, and make tough decisions when necessary. In addition, the manager must be able to effectively manage public resources, which includes financial management, human resource management, project management and contract management.

Understanding of Public Policies

Second, the public manager must have a deep understanding of public policy. This includes understanding the policy-making process, policy analysis, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. The public manager must be able to analyze the needs of the population, formulate policies that meet those needs, implement the policies effectively, and evaluate the results of the policies.

Strategic Decision Making

Thirdly, the public manager must be able to make strategic decisions. This means that he must be able to think strategically, plan for the long term, and make decisions that promote the long-term interests of the population. Strategic decision making also involves the ability to deal with uncertainty, the ability to make decisions under pressure, and the ability to balance the needs of different stakeholders.

Guarantee of Provision of Services

Finally, the public manager must guarantee the provision of services to the population. This means that he must be able to manage the provision of public services, such as education, health, security, and infrastructure. The public manager must be able to ensure that public services are provided effectively and efficiently, and that they meet the needs of the population.

In summary, the role of the public manager is complex and challenging. However, with the right skills and competencies, the public manager can play a crucial role in promoting the well-being of the population and improving the quality of public services.

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