Public management and urban development policies

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Public Management and Urban Development Policies

Public Management and Urban Development Policies

The public management is an area of ​​study and a field of practices that involves the planning, organization, direction and control of public resources with the objective of achieving results that meet the needs and expectations of society. It is essential to guarantee the efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness of government actions and to promote economic and social development.

Urban Development Policies

The urban development policies are a set of strategies and actions aimed at improving the quality of life in cities, promoting ordering the territory, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness. They involve several areas, such as housing, mobility, sanitation, environment, culture, education, health, safety, among others.

Importance of Public Management in Urban Development

Public management plays a fundamental role in urban development, as it is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring public policies that will determine the form and quality of city growth. Good public management can promote sustainable development, ensuring the population's quality of life and preserving the environment, while poor management can lead to problems such as socio-spatial segregation, environmental degradation, insecurity, among others.

Public Management Challenges in Urban Development

The challenges of public management in urban development are many and include the need to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability, to promote social inclusion and equity, to guarantee participation and social control, to improve efficiency and transparency, among others. To face these challenges, it is necessary to invest in training public managers, modernizing public administration, innovation and technology, cooperation and partnership with various social actors, among other strategies.


In conclusion, public management and urban development policies are essential for the well-being of the population and for the future of cities. They require an integrated, participatory, transparent and evidence-based approach that considers the particularities and needs of each territory and each community. Furthermore, they require a long-term vision that goes beyond political cycles and is committed to sustainable development and social justice.

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