Public management and rural development policies

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Public Management and Rural Development Policies

Public Management and Rural Development Policies

The Public Management is a field of knowledge and practice that focuses on the administration of government entities and non-profit organizations. It involves the planning, organization and coordination of public resources to achieve the objectives defined by the government and society.

Rural Development

One of the main focuses of public management is rural development. Rural development is a complex process that involves improving living and working conditions in rural areas, promoting agriculture and rural industries, developing rural infrastructure and services, and protecting the rural environment.

Rural Development Policies

Rural development policies are strategies and actions implemented by the government to promote rural development. These may include rural credit policies, rural education and training programs, rural infrastructure policies, policies to promote agriculture and rural industries, rural environmental protection policies, among others.

Public Management and Rural Development

Public management plays a fundamental role in the implementation and monitoring of these rural development policies. Public managers are responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating the public resources needed to implement these policies. They are also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the impact of these policies, to ensure that they are achieving their objectives and contributing to rural development.

From Basic to Advanced in Public Management

The study of public management ranges from basic concepts, such as the definition of public management and the role of public managers, to more advanced concepts, such as the formulation and implementation of rural development policies. Mastering these concepts is essential for anyone wishing to work in public management or who is involved in implementing rural development policies.

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