Public management and social inclusion policies

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The Public Management is a field of knowledge and practice that involves the management of public resources, whether financial, human or material, to achieve government objectives. This field is of paramount importance to ensure that public services are delivered efficiently and effectively to the population.

One of the main objectives of public management is to ensure social inclusion. Social inclusion policies are strategies developed by the government to ensure that all citizens have equal access to opportunities and resources. This includes access to education, health, housing, employment and participation in social and cultural activities.

Social inclusion policies are essential to reduce social inequality and promote equity. They are designed to help marginalized or disadvantaged groups such as the poor, ethnic and racial minorities, people with disabilities and the elderly.

In public management, the implementation of social inclusion policies involves a series of steps. First, it is necessary to identify the groups that are being excluded or marginalized. This can be done through research and data analysis. Next, strategies and programs need to be developed to improve the situation of these groups.

This can include creating education and training programs, implementing affirmative action policies, promoting employment opportunities, providing social assistance, and improving access to health services. Furthermore, it is important to monitor and evaluate the impact of these policies to ensure that they are being effective.

In short, public management and social inclusion policies are interdependent. Effective public management is essential for the successful implementation of social inclusion policies. On the other hand, social inclusion policies can help improve the effectiveness of public management, ensuring that all citizens are served in a fair and equitable manner.

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