Public management and health policies

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Public Management and Health Policies

Public management is a field that focuses on the implementation of government policies and the organization of public services. One of the most critical areas of public management is health, as it plays a vital role in improving people's quality of life.

Concept of Public Health Management

Public health management involves the administration, organization and implementation of health policies and programs. This includes planning, budgeting, staffing, controlling and evaluating health services. The aim is to ensure that health services are efficient, effective and equitable.

Health Policies

Health policies are formal guidelines or decisions that guide specific actions to achieve specific health goals. They are formulated by governments or health organizations to address specific health problems or set health priorities. Health policies can cover a variety of issues, including disease prevention, health promotion, access to health care, quality of health care and health financing.

Importance of Public Management in Health

Public health management is essential to ensure that health resources are used efficiently and effectively to improve the health of the population. This includes ensuring that health services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or geographic location. In addition, public health management is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the health system and implementing improvements when necessary.

Challenges in Public Health Management

Public health managers face several challenges, including a lack of resources, the growing demand for health services, an aging population and the increase in chronic diseases. In addition, they must also deal with complex issues such as health equity, quality of care and patient satisfaction.


In summary, public health management is a vital field that plays a crucial role in improving the health of the population. While there are many challenges, effective management of health policies and services can lead to significant improvements in people's health and well-being.

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