Privacy Policy

The user data that is collected is used exclusively for improvements and functionality in the application. User information is not shared with third parties and is only stored in our database for the sole purpose of providing users with better usability primarily to save progress in their learning.

Below is a list of user data that we store in our databases, data that is informed by the users themselves:

How to delete my data from the platform / How to request deletion of data

Terms of use


The site aims to be a great learning tool, by displaying courses available for free on the internet and using them to issue a certificate, proving that the user has attended certain courses with a certain workload.

In addition, our platform has several other features, such as exercises to practice knowledge, articles related to education and personal development, among others.

User registration

We recommend that the user register, because in this way he will be able to recover all his history in case something happens to his device, also facilitating the issuance of his certificates and the validation of the same by the recipients, such as companies or other institutions.

About the content

The content available in the application is provided by third-party producers, that is, at any time, any course can be removed or changed without prior notice and the information provided is the responsibility of its creators.