About the project Cursa

The site and the application was developed with the goal of helping people find free courses more easily, because there are many good and free content, but many people are not aware of this.

Common questions

About the Certificate

How to issue a valid certificate of a free course?

Can I put a professional-level free online course on my resume?

Are certificates for an online course valid and recognized in my country?

Can I print the certificate? How to sign and print the certificate?

I'm watching the course videos and it still doesn't count time on the certificate, what's going on?

How can companies / institutions / schools verify the authenticity of my certificate?

What is the model of the certificate that I will receive by email and in the photo gallery on my cell phone?

About the Courses

Are free online courses reliable?

Can I get a job by taking a free online course?

How do I sign up for a free online course?

I can't complete the course, what's going on?

I'm a producer of Courses

I want to remove my course from the platform. How to proceed?

I want to put my course on the platform. How to proceed?

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