Certificate of course completion

Issue your free Digital Course Completion Certificate to prove the results of your efforts and your daily struggle for knowledge. The Certificate is recognized as basic vocational education and can be used to prove additional hours, to put on your resume and much more.

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I finished the course, now what? How do I issue my free Certificate?

Don't worry, it's quick and easy to get your Course Certificate for free... Follow this quick walkthrough below to complete your learning journey. Remembering that you can take as many online courses as you want, which will always be free.


Install the Cursa app on your Android or iOS phone:

Access the application store in one of the links below, search for 'Cursa - Online Courses' and click 'Install'.

Then log in using the same E-mail / Google / Facebook used to take the free courses on our website.

Step 1 - Install the Cursa app - Free online courses and log in.

Access the Certificate screen:

Click on the menu located in the lower right corner and click on 'Certificates'. Wait for the advertising that will be displayed to have access to your certificate.

Step 2 - After completing a free course, access the Certificate screen

Select the Courses you want printed on the Certificate:

Leave selected only the courses you want in your Certificate and click on 'Send to my E-mail'. Remembering that you can issue the certificate more than 1 time.

Step 3 - Course selection screen to issue the certificate of completion

Confirm your name is correct:

Check that the name is spelled correctly and choose whether you want the Certificate to be already digitally signed. Confirm by clicking 'Continue'.

Step 4 - Filling in the Student

Ready! Congratulations on your Digital Course Completion Certificate.

Allow access to the photo gallery so that the certificate image is generated, and it is also sent to your email.

Step 5 - Viewing and sharing the certificate of completion

Course completion certificate benefits:

In the curriculum

Use your courses to boost your curriculum!

Additional hours at college

Use the courses to complete the additional hours required by your college.

Share on social media

Show your friends and even coworkers that you are consistent in your studies.

100% Free Certificate!

No pranks. We will never charge you anything for your Course Completion Certificate. We only ask that you respect the advertisements.

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