Public management and tourism policies

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Public Management and Tourism Policies

Public Management and Tourism Policies

The Public Management is an area that focuses on the development of public policies and services. Within this context, tourism policies are an important component, as they have the ability to drive economic growth, promote local culture and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Importance of Public Management in Tourism

Public management plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of tourism policies. These policies can vary from the promotion of tourist destinations, the creation of tourist infrastructure, to the regulation of the sector. Effective public management in tourism can result in an increase in tourist numbers, which can boost the local economy.

Challenges in Public Tourism Management

Despite the importance of public management in tourism, there are several challenges that need to be overcome. These include lack of financial resources, lack of strategic planning, lack of coordination between different levels of government and lack of professional training. Overcoming these challenges requires a strong commitment from public officials and a strategic approach to tourism development.

Tourism Policies

Tourism policies are a set of rules and regulations that are developed and implemented by the government to promote and manage tourism. These policies may include promoting tourist destinations, creating tourism infrastructure, regulating the tourism sector and promoting sustainability in tourism. Tourism policies are essential to ensure that tourism is developed in a sustainable way and that it benefits both tourists and local communities.


In short, public management is essential for the development and implementation of effective tourism policies. Despite the challenges, effective public management can result in an increase in tourism, which can boost the local economy and improve citizens' quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial that public managers have a solid understanding of public management and tourism policies.

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