Public management and economic development policies

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The Public Management is an area dedicated to the administration of public entities, whether federal, state or municipal, with the aim of improving the efficiency of services provided to the population. It is a field of knowledge that unites techniques of administration, law and applied social sciences. Efficient public management is crucial for the economic development of any country.

The Economic Development Policies are strategies implemented by the government to promote economic growth and improve the well-being of the population. They can include a variety of measures, such as promoting investment, stimulating innovation, developing infrastructure, promoting education and professional training, among others. Economic development policies are an essential component of public management.

One of the main objectives of public management is to promote sustainable economic development. This involves implementing policies that not only stimulate economic growth, but also ensure that it is sustainable over the long term. For example, the government can implement policies to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to ensure that economic growth does not result in irreversible environmental damage.

Another important aspect of public management is the promotion of social equity. This means that economic development policies must be designed in such a way as to ensure that the benefits of economic growth are fairly shared by the population. For example, the government can implement policies to promote the creation of quality jobs and ensure that everyone has access to quality public services such as health and education.

In summary, public management and economic development policies are intrinsically linked. Efficient public management is essential for the implementation of effective economic development policies. On the other hand, well-designed economic development policies can significantly contribute to improving the efficiency of public management.

From basic to advanced, public management requires a deep understanding of the challenges facing society and the ability to implement effective solutions. This requires not only technical expertise, but also a deep understanding of the social, political and economic contexts in which policies are implemented.

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