Public management and defense policies for people with disabilities

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Public Management and Defense Policies for Persons with Disabilities

Public Management and Defense Policies for Persons with Disabilities

The Public Management is a field of study and an area of ​​practice within the State that seeks to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness in the implementation of public policies, among them, the defense policies for people with disabilities. These policies aim to guarantee the full participation and inclusion of these people in society, ensuring their fundamental rights and promoting equal opportunities.

Definition and Importance

The defense of people with disabilities is a matter of human rights. Persons with disabilities have the right to live independently, to participate fully in all aspects of life and not to be discriminated against. Public management plays a crucial role in guaranteeing these rights, through the implementation of effective public policies.

Challenges in Public Management for the Defense of People with Disabilities

There are several challenges in public management for the defense of people with disabilities. First, it is necessary to ensure that public policies are inclusive and accessible to all people, regardless of their abilities. In addition, it is important that there is constant monitoring and evaluation of these policies, to ensure that they are being effective in promoting the rights of people with disabilities.

Public Policies for the Defense of Persons with Disabilities

Public policies for people with disabilities may vary from country to country, but generally include measures to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities, accessibility, personal autonomy and non-discrimination. These policies may include legislation, support programs, assistance services, among others.


Public management plays a fundamental role in the defense of people with disabilities, through the implementation and evaluation of public policies. However, there are still many challenges to be overcome to ensure the full inclusion and participation of these people in society. An ongoing commitment from public managers and society in general is needed to promote equal opportunities and the rights of people with disabilities.

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