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1. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Profit & Loss Statement - I)

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2. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Profit & Loss Statement - II)

This video is a continuation of the earlier video on Profit & Loss Statement Analysis.

It is suggested the viewer watches the first video here : and then comes to this one.

In this video we look at the biggest mistake which companies make; i.e. getting into a debt trap in a bid to achieve high growth.

What we do in the stock markets is important, but what we don't do is even more important. If money is preserved, it can be grown.

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3. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Balance Sheet - I)

In the earlier two videos we have seen how to study the Profit & Loss Statement of any manufacturing company.

In this video we would be studying the Balance Sheet of a company and what to look for in it.

It is suggested that viewer watches the earlier videos before this one, as the same example is being brought forward from the earlier two videos.

The earlier videos can be viewed here:

Balance Sheet is the other important financial statement of any company, after Profit & Loss Statement. Together the P&L Statement and Balance Sheet give a complete picture of the company's financial position.

If a balance sheet is healthy, and continues to grow in a healthy manner, the stock price will rise sooner or later. In a falling market, share of companies with strong balance sheets fall less. Thus it is extremely important to understand at least in a very basic manner how to identify a good balance sheet and how to


4. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Balance Sheet II)

This is the second and last part of Balance Sheet Analysis part of Fundamental Analysis. The objective of our videos is not to master accounting but to gain a user level knowledge and understanding of Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheet so that we can ask the right questions before making an investment decision.

The biggest difference between a potential wealth creator and a potential destroyer in the long run is the health of balance sheet. If we are able to ask some basic but correct questions, we can not only save ourselves from loss making investments but also make investments which will have potential to generate huge profits over the long term.

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5. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Live Example of Bata)

This video is in continuation of the earlier videos on Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet analysis. The ratios which we studied in the earlier four videos are used to analyse the financials of Bata from 2003 till 2011.

It is advised that the viewer comes to this video after watching the earlier four videos in sequence. This will give you a better understanding of this video.

As we have been reiterating that what we do in the market is important, but what we don't do is more important. This is because, growing money is one thing, but to do that, we must protect whatever money we already have. Hence risk management is the most important thing.

While investing in stocks, the biggest risk is that of the company having huge debt. This is the single differentiating parameter between companies which go down and remain down and those who go down and yet come up.

Bata is one such turnaround example. It could achieve this only because it's debt was under control. Once the downside ris


6. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Suzlon, MRF, Kingfisher, JP Associates, Amtek Auto, Asian Paints)

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7. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Basic Earnings Projections Introduction and Impact of Buy Back)

Stop Loss and Profit Booking are the two most damaging words for retail investors. This video touches upon how retail investors remain where they are while markets go up due to buying and selling at precisely the wrong times.

Projecting earnings is what all analysts are always trying to do. This video introduces viewers to how earnings are projected using various historical data. Earnings projection is a very demanding job and lot of assumptions need to be made, which in turn are based upon an even more number of data points. This video is just scratching the surface of this very complex topic.

There is no alternative to education and the earlier we understand this, the better it will be for us. The more we go deeper into any topic, the better the results will be for us. This video is the first step in trying to understand earnings projections.

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8. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Share Bajaar Ka Insurance and Power of Brands) by Shivani Dani

FIIs own large quantities of shares in good companies whereas retail Indian investors are hardly owning significant quantities of shares in such companies.

Most of the times we are saddled with scrap stocks and we are made to trade using words like 'Profit Booking' and 'Stop Loss'.

This results in retail investors remaining into losses and not benefitting from the huge opportunity which our stock market is giving.

In this lecture, our Director, Ms. Shivani Dani shares basic portfolio insurance technique by hedging using 'Long Put' strategy and then goes on to explain the wonderful benefits of long term investing into owning companies having great brands and also great businesses.

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9. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Index Calculation by M Cap method and Understanding Nifty PE Ratio)

Separate Diamonds from Coal. Buy Diamonds @ the Price of Coal.

What we buy is important but equally important is when we buy. Nifty PE gives us an idea about the overall market valuations. This can give us an idea about whether we should buy aggressively our selected stocks or should we wait for the prices to cool.

As it is, it is never advisable to buy all shares at one go. Retail investors have limited money to invest, hence identifying quality and then picking it cheap both assume even more significance.

This video gives an idea about how Nifty is calculated using Market Capitalisation method and how its valuations have moved historically over the past many years.

It must be noted that actually Index is calculated using Free Float M Cap Method, however that is a small adjustment to the M Cap method and that is why we have not included that in this video.

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10. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Nifty PEG Ratio)


11. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Justifying Valuations by Aggressive EPS Growth Projections)

Projecting aggressive earnings growth automatically translates into lower PE ratios and thus the stock starts looking attractive. Investors need to be aware of this sort of jugglery, which may or may not be totally correct, because it is based upon assumptions in the first place.

This video attempts to highlight how these earnings projections can prove to be detrimental to investors, if proper attention is not paid before listening to recommendations.

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12. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Nifty Forward PE Calculation)

Having a basic knowledge of Nifty valuations can give us a better idea of whether to invest in the market, or to wait or to sell our stocks. This is because, when the overall market rises, all stocks rise and when the overall market falls, all stocks tend to fall. So, if Nifty or Sensex is looking stretched, it may be fair to assume that high quality stocks and even not so high quality stocks would be trading expensive. On the other hand, if the market crashes, good quality stocks may be available at very cheap valuations automatically.

So keeping an eye of Nifty valuations can help us reduce our risk of buying high. Forward valuations are derived from existing Price and EPS data. This also is useful for the same reason i.e. of reducing risk of buying high.

Investing is simple. Unnecessarily it is made complicated by vested interests so that common investors always dependent upon them. Education is the only way we can become independent. So keep studying and keep growing. Cheers (Y)


13. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Stock selection by M Cap and benefit of buying low for long term)

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14. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (50K Subscribers Special with Shri. S. P. Tulsian)

A person from humble background and today one of the most sought after market expert, Shri. S. P. Tulsian, has been a constant well wisher of Money Bee Institute Pvt. Ltd. and it is a pride and priviledge for us that such an illustrious personality is our guide.

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15. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis (Intrinsic Value Calculation, WACC using Example of Pidilite)

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) requires an investor to estimate future earnings and then discount them at the present value. If current market price is less than that value, it is undervalued and is available at a discount. If the current market price is more than the present value, it is expensive.

This is only what it is to Intrinsic Value Calculation, but it is made so complicated that investors and students get intimidated and always remain away from this simple and powerful topic.

This video makes an attempt to explain this topic in as simple a manner as possible.

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16. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis Live Session (Rising Bond Yields, India FY19 Outlook, Nifty PE)

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17. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis Live Session (Interest Rates and Bond Prices Inverse Relation)

The inverse relation between interest rates and bond prices is the most fundamental topic for bond markets. Once this logic is understood, it helps us investing not only in debt but also in equities and also in making our personal finance decisions better.

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18. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis Live Session (Crude Oil, Inflation and CAD)

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19. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis Live Session (Understanding Cash Flows - I)

Understanding Cash Flows is a topic which is slightly tough for many investors and students. Our Live Session of 2 hours on 13 May 2018 for Registered participants of Online Modules was on this same topic.

We tried to understand the basic terms by taking examples of simple businesses like Pani Puri. As we proceed we would be looking at actual Cash Flow Statements of companies.

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20. Hindi: Fundamental Analysis Live Session (Understanding Cash Flow Statement)