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Salesforce is an American software company on demand, best known for producing the CRM called Sales Cloud.


Salesforce Apex Hours
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“Salesforce Apex Hours” is a program Of the community, For the community and led By the community. A space that helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various arenas with an intent to help the Ohana thrive!

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Ep 1 - Introduction to Salesforce | Salesforce Classic Vs Lightning Experience | Cloud Computing

Episode 1 – Introduction to Salesforce
1. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
2. Customer Relationship Management Basics
3. Creating your first Salesforce org
4. Salesforce Classic Vs Lightning Experience

Check below post to learn about full program

0:00 Introduction
3:40 Agenda
4:55 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
7:41 Building Block of Cloud Computing
13:34 What is CRM
15:32 What is Salesforce
17:30 Salesforce Architecture
21:26 Create your first Salesforce Org
29:00 Salesforce Classic Vs Lightning Experience
32:00 What is Trailhead


Ep 2 – Model your Salesforce Data | Relational Data Model | Dependent picklist | Schema Builder

1. Conventional Database Tables Vs Objects
2. Standard and Custom Objects
3. Datatypes , Dependent picklist
4. Relational Data Modelling, Master Detail, Lookup, Junction Object
5. Schema Builder

NOTE: Master-Detail Relationship Fields, per Object Standard or Custom-- 2

Total Relationship Fields Master-Detail Lookup, per Object Standard or Custom-- 40


Ep 3 – Customize the Salesforce User Interface | App Builder | Record Types | Page Layouts | Compact

his episode will talk about customizing your Salesforce user interface to improve user experience.

1. App Manager


Ep 4 – Aggregating

1. Formula field
2. Data Aggregation using Roll-up Summaries
3. Validation Rules
4. Duplicate Rules
5. Q


Ep 5– Automating Business Processes with Workflow Rule, Process Builder | Email Templates

What is a Business Process?
Automating Processes using
Workflow Rule
Process Builder
Email Templates

Please check complete playlist here


Ep 6 – Automating Business Processes with Flow | Assignment Rules | Lightning Flow | Flow Builder

Declarative Tools for Business Process Automation
Assignment Rules
Flow Builder

Difference between Workflow Vs Process Builder Vs Lightning Flow,

Know the Nomenclature between Lightning flow Vs Flow Builder Vs Flow Interview.


Ep 7- Approval Process | delegated Approver

Declarative Tools for Business Process Automation
Approval Process


Ep 8 – Managing Data Access in Salesforce | Profiles | Permission Sets | Role | FLS

Episode 8 – Managing Data Access in Salesforce



Ep 9 – Who Sees What in Salesforce OWD

Episode 9 – Who Sees What in Salesforce


Ep 10 – Audit

Episode 10 – Audit


Ep 11– Data Management in Salesforce | Dataloader Vs import wizard | Uploading Relational Data

In Episode 11, we will cover the following topics

Data Loader
Uploading Relational Data in Salesforce
Best Practices for Data Management


Ep 12 – Reports

In Episode 12, we will cover the following topics

Report Types


Sandbox Design Strategies for Enterprise Implementations

It is inevitable to avoid Sandboxes in most enterprise implementations. As different teams work on different processes like testing, development, pre-release, and final rollout, it is essential to have a strong Sandbox strategy for a number of reasons ? parallel development (teams can work simultaneously, without halting any of their processes), shortened cycle times, reduce operational risks, increase productivity, efficiency and ultimately enhance the delivery.

In this session, you will learn industry best practices for effective Sandbox strategies

-Introduction to Sandbox
-Types of Sandboxes
-Sandbox Quotas
-Agile Development Life Cycle
-Typical Sandbox Use Cases
-Deployment Flow
-Different Sandbox Strategies


Become an Order of Execution Hero

Become an Order of Execution Hero





Salesforce Lightning flow | Flow Builder

Salesforce Lightning flow | Flow Builder