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App Development

Learn how to develop applications for android and ios (iphone) smartphones, using technologies such as Flutter, React, among others.


Joshua Morony
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I try to figure out complex things and explain them simply. Follow me for DAILY tutorials Mon-Fri (here and on my blog). Author of Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2.

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PREVIEW: Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2 - Video Course

This is a preview of the 1 hour video course that comes bundled with the Expert package of Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2:


Component and Template Interaction in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I introduce the concepts of Property Binding, Event Binding, Interpolation, and Two-Way Data Binding.

Learn Ionic 2:


Passing Data Between Pages in Ionic 2

In this tutorial, we look at several different methods for sharing data between pages in Ionic 2.

More on navigation in Ionic 2:

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Hacking CSS in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial I walk through some of the different ways to theme an Ionic 2 application. There was no particular plan for the video, I just wanted to jump in and show you some of the steps I would usually take when theming an application, and the methods I prefer to use. Rather than being about the high level theory, this video should hopefully show a realistic scenario of hacking away at an application.

Build the app we are using in the video:

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Conditional Attributes, Styles, and Classes in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, we take a look at how to conditionally apply attributes, styles, and classes to elements in Ionic 2.

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An Overview of the Grid Component in Ionic 2

This tutorial covers the basics of the grid component, and how it cane be used to create complex layouts in Ionic 2.

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Filtering, Mapping, and Reducing Arrays in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, we will walk through a quick and practical example of applying filter, map, and reduce functions to a list of data in Ionic 2.

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Saving Data in Ionic 2

In order to persist data throughout different sessions, there are multiple different methods we can use, but one simple way to do this is to use the built-in Storage service that Ionic 2 provides.

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Loading Remote JSON Data with HTTP in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I walk through how to use the Http service to make a `get` request to load some JSON data.

Learn about Observables:

Learn about Mapping Arrays:

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An Introduction to Structural Directives: *ngIf & *ngFor

In this video tutorial, we cover the concept of using structural directives like *ngIf, *ngFor, and *ngSwitchCase in Ionic 2. Structural directives are an Angular concept, but we will be discussing them in the context of an Ionic application.

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How to Use Git with Ionic 2 Projects

Learn how to use Git and BitBucket (or GitHub) with your Ionic 2 projects for backing up code, revision control, and collaboration with others.

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An Explanation of Cordova Plugins for Ionic 2

In this video, I walk through these basic concepts of using a Cordova plugin right from the beginning in order to give you the "full picture" of how it all works.

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Using Gestures & Uncommon Event Bindings in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, we cover how to create event bindings other than the usual (click) event binding in Ionic 2. We will cover how to use gestures like press, swipe, pan, pinch, and rotate, as well as some more uncommon events like keydown and

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Reordering a List in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I walk through exactly how to create a reorderable list in Ionic 2.

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Custom Components in Ionic 2

In this tutorial, we walk through the basics of creating your own custom components in Ionic 2.

Simple Progress Bar Component:

Photo Tilt Component:

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Using Semantic CSS Styling in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I walk through a semantic approach to creating styling in Ionic 2. This style relies more heavily on using the semantic structure of the template to apply styles, rather than adding classes and IDs.

CSS Selectors:

Music Interface Tutorial:

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Custom Pipes in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, we are going to build a pipe that will convert seconds, into an hours-minutes-seconds format, like "3hrs, 42mins, 10secs" instead of "13330".

Permatimer application tutorial:

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How to Install 3rd Party Libraries in Ionic 2

There are some specific steps you will need to take in order to get most libraries working in Ionic 2, in this video tutorial, I walk through a couple of common examples.

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An Introduction to NgModule for Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I explain a little bit of the theory behind modules and I cover what you need to know in order to correctly add your own dependencies to the app.module.ts file.

I was wrong about the charts tutorial, it doesn't use its own module!

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Automatically Generate Splash Screens and Icons with Ionic CLI

In this video tutorial, I will walk you through how to create the initial icon and splash screen, and how to use the `ionic resources` command.

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