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App Development

Learn how to develop applications for android and ios (iphone) smartphones, using technologies such as Flutter, React, among others.


Joshua Morony
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I try to figure out complex things and explain them simply. Follow me for DAILY tutorials Mon-Fri (here and on my blog). Author of Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2.

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PREVIEW: Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2 - Video Course

This is a preview of the 1 hour video course that comes bundled with the Expert package of Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2:


Component and Template Interaction in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I introduce the concepts of Property Binding, Event Binding, Interpolation, and Two-Way Data Binding.

Learn Ionic 2:


Passing Data Between Pages in Ionic 2

In this tutorial, we look at several different methods for sharing data between pages in Ionic 2.

More on navigation in Ionic 2:

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Hacking CSS in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial I walk through some of the different ways to theme an Ionic 2 application. There was no particular plan for the video, I just wanted to jump in and show you some of the steps I would usually take when theming an application, and the methods I prefer to use. Rather than being about the high level theory, this video should hopefully show a realistic scenario of hacking away at an application.

Build the app we are using in the video:

Learn Ionic 2:


Conditional Attributes, Styles, and Classes in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, we take a look at how to conditionally apply attributes, styles, and classes to elements in Ionic 2.

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An Overview of the Grid Component in Ionic 2

This tutorial covers the basics of the grid component, and how it cane be used to create complex layouts in Ionic 2.

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Filtering, Mapping, and Reducing Arrays in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, we will walk through a quick and practical example of applying filter, map, and reduce functions to a list of data in Ionic 2.

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Saving Data in Ionic 2

In order to persist data throughout different sessions, there are multiple different methods we can use, but one simple way to do this is to use the built-in Storage service that Ionic 2 provides.

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Loading Remote JSON Data with HTTP in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I walk through how to use the Http service to make a `get` request to load some JSON data.

Learn about Observables:

Learn about Mapping Arrays:

Learn Ionic 2:


An Introduction to Structural Directives: *ngIf & *ngFor

In this video tutorial, we cover the concept of using structural directives like *ngIf, *ngFor, and *ngSwitchCase in Ionic 2. Structural directives are an Angular concept, but we will be discussing them in the context of an Ionic application.

Learn Ionic 2: