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App Development

Learn how to develop applications for android and ios (iphone) smartphones, using technologies such as Flutter, React, among others.

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Flutter 3.0 Master Class for Beginners to Advanced 2022 | Ticket Booking App Development Tutorial

Flutter 3.0 app development tutorial master class for beginners to advanced 2022. This ticket booking app covers Flutter for very beginners to advanced learners. We start from very simple ui like drawing text to complex layout using stack and mixture of column and row widget.

We also built reusable widget to reduce code amount. So at the end of this tutorial you learn how to build simple to complex reusable flutter widgets.

The widgets we built in this tutorial

1. reusable style component

2. reusable color pallet

3. reusable column widget

4. reusable layout builder widget

5. reusable column widget

6. reusable row widget

7. reusable ticket widget

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