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Digital Marketing

Here you study digital marketing, multi-level marketing and even personal marketing, with marketing being a rapidly growing professional area


Is the process of producing persuasive texts for Marketing and Sales actions, such as the content of emails, websites, catalogs, advertisements and sales letters, for example


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What is Content Writing?

What is Content Writing?

Saket, the founder of ECT, explains the concept of content writing and the biggest misconception related to the topic. -

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Know more about Content Writing as a career option -

Do this one thing to transform your writing style -

Write Effective Purpose Statements -


Types of Content Writing

In this video, Saket discusses various types of content writing styles the one you should master to boost your freelance income.


How to Become a Content Writer

Do you want to know how to become a content writer?

Saket Kumar Singh, the Founder of ECT, discusses five things that you need to become content writer.

Links of the Apps Mentioned in the Video:

Hemingway App:


Content Writing Certification:


How to Succeed as a Freelance Writer and Earn $5000 per Month?

In the 10th Episode of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket discusses five tips you to boost your freelance writing business and start earning more than $5000 per month.

Relevant Links:
Content Writing Certification Course:

Maximize Your Freelance Income:

Moment of Truth:


Introduction to Content Writing - Free Content Writing Demo Class - Craft Compelling Content

Introduction to Content Writing. Content Writing Course. Free Content Writing Demo Class. Content Writing Tutorial.

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In the 4th episode of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket Kumar Singh discusses the effective content writing process. Aspiring writers can take advantage of this process to craft excellent content.

It also helps you get rid of the frustration and confusion that some writers experience when they start working on their writing projects.


Introduction to Creative Writing - Learn the Art of Storytelling!

#CreativeWriting #CreativeWritingCourse Episode #25 - The Logophile's Lounge

In the 25th Episode of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket Kumar SIngh, the Founder of ECT, discusses the basic of creative writing.

Content Writing Course:
Creative Writing Blog Link (referred in the video):
Career in Content Writing:

The Contents of the Video:
What is Creative Writing
Types of Creative Writing: Nonfiction and Fiction Creative Writing
What is Nonfiction writing
Examples of nonfiction writing
What is fiction writing
Examples of fiction writing
Career Opportunities in Creative Writing
How to improve creative writing style
The best creative writing course


What is Copywriting? Copywriting Tips for Beginners.

What is copywriting? How to learn copywriting skills? The best way to learn copywriting.

In the 13th Episode of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket discusses the nuances of Copywriting and how one can hone their copywriting skills easily.

Video Content:
What is copywriting?
How copywriting is different from other forms of writing?
Difference between copywriting and copyrighting.
What is an Ad copy?
How to write an ad copy?
Copywriting examples
The best way to learn copywriting.

ECT Content Writing Course:


What is Business Writing and how to master business writing skills?

In the 18th Episode of the Logophile's Lounge, Saket discusses the concept Business Writing and the best way to learn the same.

To learn business writing visit this page:

In this video, you will learn about the following:
Email Writing
Company Profile
Business Proposal


What is Technical Writing

In the 19th Episode of the Logophile's Lounge, Saket discusses the concept of technical writing. He also discusses the easy techniques to learn technical writing.

To become a certified technical writer, visit this link:

To check technical writing jobs, visit this link:

Content of the Video:
What is Technical Writing
How technical writing is different from other forms of writing
Examples of Technical Writing
Career Opportunities in Technical Writing
How to become a technical writer?

About ECT:
ECT is a training institute recognized by the Government of India. We offer courses in Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Communication Skills,


What is Academic Writing : How to Master Academic Writing Skills?

In the 20th Episode of the Logophile’s Lounge, Saket discusses the concept of Academic Writing and Income opportunities in the field of Academic Writing.

This video discusses the following:
What is Academic Writing
Various Academic Writing Examples (Essays, Assignments, Case Study, Literature Review, Report Writing, Research Paper, Dissertation


Content Writing vs. Content Marketing - Everything You need to Know

Welcome to the 11th Episode on The Logophile's Lounge. In this episode, Saket compares content writing and content marketing and skills required to excel in the both.

For more information visit:


What is Plagiarism : Plagiarism Meaning and How to Use Plagiarism Checker to Avoid Plagiarism

In the Episode 5 of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket Kumar Singh, the Founder of Education and Career Times (ECT) addressed the issue of plagiarism in professional content writing. He has also recommended tips to avid plagiarism and five plagiarism detection tools (plagiarism checkers) that can help you protect your reputation as a writer.

Watch the video and share your feedback in the comments below.

For more details about our content writing course, visit:

Following are the contents of the video:

Understanding Plagiarism
Plagiarism Meaning
Tips to Avoid Plagiarism
Tools to detect plagiarism
Plagiarism Checker
Online Plagiarism Checker
Free Tools - Duplichecker


Best Content Writing Tools

In Episode 6 of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket discusses 21 best content writing tools and when and how should you use them.

The content writing tools are divided into five categories: Research tools, Writing tools, Editing


Careers in Content Writing?

In the 7th Episode of The Logophile's lounge, Saket discusses various career options available for writers. Must watch this video if you intend to develop career in content writing.

For more details about these options, visit the following links:


Content Writing Course

Episode #12 - Online Content Writing Course -

Are you looking to join a content writing course but not sure which one to join?

In the 12th episode of the Logophile's lounge, Saket discusses ECT Content Writing course and its modules.

To know more To know more about the course, visit:

Following are the contents of this video:
ECT is the only content writing training institute recognized by the Government of India.
ECT offline and online content writing courses offer the same features and course structure.
ECT Content Writing course is a 90 days training program divided into two two parts: classroom training and live projects (Internship opportunity)
Objective of ECT Content Writing Course:
*Transform your writing style
*Boost efficiency and productivity
*Learn various types of writing
*Boost your career by saying what you mean
*Understand the business of content writing and digital marketing
*Monetize your writing skills - sell yourself at work, in life and to the world
*Become an Entrepreneur and a Published author

The course covers following thirteen modules:

Module1: Introduction to Content Writing

How to take maximum advantage of the course
Learn to Submit Assignments
Learn Google Drive
Content Writing Basic
Effective Content Writing Process
Sentence Construction
Paragraph Building


How to Write Headlines that Generates 5 Times More Traffic and Rank Better on Search Engines

How to Write Stunning Headlines to Generate More Traffic. Make Your Content Viral and Build Audience on Social Media. How to write catchy titles and magnetic headlines!

In the 39th Episode of The Logophile’s Lounge, Saket will discuss 5 Rules to Write Fantastic Headlines.

Top headlines from across the internet and popular site will be analyzed in this session.

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How To Instantly Rank Your Blog on 1st Page of Google - SEO Tutorials for Beginners

Optimize Your blog and get rank #1 on Google and Get tons of traffic. Learn SEO Writing. Learn WordPress SEO. Get guaranteed and immediate ranking.

To learn more about our content writing course, visit:

In the 40th Episode of The Logophile's Lounge, Saket discusses the techniques you can use to rank your blog on top of Google.

Content Management System - WordPress
SEO Plugin - Yoast

Learn SEO Writing.


How to Create Gmail Template

#Episode42: Create Gmail templates to save 50% time in writing emails. Must for every writer, business development executive or any business professionals who write a lot of emails.

To improve your writing skills, join our content writing course:

Contents of the Video:
How to create email templates in Gmail
How to edit email templates in Gmail
How to delete email templates in Gmail

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ECT Content Writing Course - Transform Your Writing Style in 90 Days

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What is a Landing Page and How to Write Landing Page that Converts?

Join our content writing course:

Free Content Writing Demo class:

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The contents of the video:

What is a landing page
Essential elements of a landing page
How to write landing page that converts

Learn Creative Writing:

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