Vídeo class???? How to Gel Polish Manicure ????

This video is about to How to Gel Polish Manicure.

In Today's video, I show you how to do a gel polish manicure on a client that wants her nails super super short. I also briefly explain how to use my Ergo Lift and the benefits of using it for nail services. So, stay tuned!

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I’m Lori Halloway known as the meticulous manicurist on youtube and an expert in the field of nail technology. I share my 26 years knowledge and spread awareness about the importance of nail care. If you’re new to my channel, welcome, don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell to turn on your notifications in case your comment is chosen as the winner in my random comment game. This is the only way I can notify you if your name is drawn to win one of my tools.

I would also love to hear any topics you would like me to tackle in an upcoming video.

Beginners usually have a lot of questions about acrylic nails. I love hearing everything you have to say, it helps me plan the content I create for you. Do you need help with something? You can tell me what your biggest concern is in the comments so I can address it in an upcoming video!

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