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1 Hour Spanish Mini-Course For Beginners! Course Book Included

This free Spanish mini-course will get you off to a great start and show you just how easy it is to start building your first sentences in Spanish.


In less than one hour you'll learn core vocabulary, sentence structure, key verbs and more.

Make sure you interact with the video and pause it to give yourself more time to think out your answers. Thinking things out for yourself is a critical part of language learning.



Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 2

Here's the next installment of my "Learn Spanish With Paul" mini-course series.


In part 2 I build directly upon the foundation we carefully laid out in the first course.

New modal verbs, high-frequency vocabulary and everyday expressions are introduced allowing you to form ever more sophisticated sentences while also re-enforcing the structure, verbs and words taught in the first course.

Having successfully completed both mini-courses you should begin to feel a wonderful new sense of confidence in Spanish... a feeling that yes, this is actually something you can succeed in!



Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 3

Here's the next episode of this popular series aimed at helping beginners learn Spanish.


In the previous 2 mini-courses we focused a lot on speaking from the viewpoint of "I" which is known as the first person.

In mini-course 3 we'll expand our reach into the 3rd person... him, her and it.

You'll find this instantly gives your Spanish a big boost of power and that it's actually quite easy to do.

Remember that by laying down such a careful foundation now, your Spanish will be rock-solid later on when it really counts.

If you haven't yet watched parts 1 & 2 links to them are here...

Mini Course 1:
Mini Course 2:




Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 4

Watch your confidence skyrocket with this easy Spanish series especially designed for beginners!


In mini-course four I'll increase the power of your conversational Spanish by introducing the angle of "you" into our power verbs.

We'll also look at some new verbs and how to manipulate them, giving you the freedom to express your own unique thoughts in Spanish.

Remember that language learning is not about talent, it's about good teaching (my responsibility) and consistency (your responsibility). Being fluent in conversation Spanish is absolutely something you can do!

Enjoy the journey!


Mini Course 1:
Mini Course 2:
Mini Course 3:


Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 5

Watch your confidence in Spanish SKYROCKET with this series of mini-courses especially aimed at beginners! Each lesson comes with its own free course book to download...



Hello everyone and welcome to Mini Course 5. In this one I'll show you one of my favorite "magic tricks" in Spanish... an easy shortcut that transforms any verb instantly into the past tense.

It's very useful for everyday conversation and because it's quick and easy to do... you won't waste any time having to "think about it" so your Spanish will flow faster!

I'll also bring in a lot of the material from mini courses 1 - 4 so we can continue to combine everything together and use what we've learned to it's full power and potential.



Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 6

A professional Spanish course aimed specifically at beginners. Episode 6 will greatly enhance your ability to express what you want to say with the addition of a new modal verb and more high frequency vocabulary.



Hi everyone and welcome to mini-course 6. It seems I'm uploading a new one every 2 weeks... let's see if I can make it a weekly deal, what do you think?

In this installment I'll add 3 small but very powerful little words into your vocabulary and show you how we can instantly combine them with all the previous material to expand your expressive capacity in the language.

I'll also give you a new modal verb which is fantastic for everyday conversation... you'll find yourself using this all the time!

Lastly we finish off with a 5 letter verb that really packs a hell of a punch in Spanish and use it to create some pretty sophistica


Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 7

Watch your confidence to learn Spanish EXPLODE with this popular mini-course series from Spanish With Paul! It's perfect for beginners or anyone "stuck in a rut" with their Spanish learning.


Hello friends, Paul here.

Mini course 7 has arrived and I'm sure it's going to give your Spanish another very good workout.

In this episode we focus on the angle of "we" with our core set of modal verbs (can, want and have to) and take special care to incorporate much of what we've learned from the previous mini courses into this one, especially the vocabulary.

It's very important to move forward but also RETAIN what you've learned previously!

You'll find that the sentences are getting a little longer to translate so USE THAT PAUSE BUTTON whenever you need more time to think out your answers. Repeating the lessons until you can ACE them is also advised as this


Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 8

Stuck with your Spanish? Going nowhere? Try this NEW mini-course series from Spanish With Paul! Free course books included with every new episode.


Hello everyone,

I'm pleased to bring you Mini Course 8 and I think you're going to love it.

In this 30 min workout we'll discover how to say "I feel like (doing something)" along with looking at the verb "preguntar" and using it to say "I wonder..."

All these phrases are designed to make your Spanish sound and flow as naturally as possible in everyday conversation.

In the 3rd section of the lesson we'll fill the gaps still remaining in our trio of POWER VERBS - can, want and have to. You're going to smile when you see how easy this stuff is!

Lastly I've made sure to incorporate much of what we've already learned in the previous mini-courses so that you continue to retain past material and build on top


MINI COURSE TEST - Spanish With Paul

Still struggling to put together sentences in Spanish? Try this NEW mini-course series from Spanish With Paul! Free course books included with every new episode.


Hello everyone and welcome to this Mini Course Test.

Firstly I’d like to thank you all for following along with this series on YouTube. The comments and feedback you have been leaving me have been amazing! Thank you :-)

Here's a handy direct link to the full series, save it & share it around!

As of today I’ve uploaded 8 mini courses to YouTube which represents a little under 5 hours of teaching time. While it’s important to keep moving forward and learn new things this shouldn’t be done at the expense of losing what we’ve already been through!

To make sure this doesn’t happen I’ve put together a Mini Course Test featuring a compilation of questions from all eight previous Mini Courses.

The goal is t


Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 9

SUPERCHARGE your Spanish with this free series from Spanish With Paul! Downloadable course books included with every weekly episode.


Hello everyone and welcome to Mini Course 9.

In this episode I'll show you the easiest way to talk about the future in Spanish and I'll give you lots of practice sentences to translate so you'll really master it.

In the latter half I'll also give you some handy ways to be polite in Spanish and I'll show you how it can be used in practically any situation! It's amazing just how far a few polite words will take you in a foreign country :-)

Let me know how you get on... I read every comment and as always, if this video helped you give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

My best to you,

P.S - My (private) FULL COURSE is now available! Unlike these short mini-courses, it'll take you all th


Learn Spanish With Paul - Mini Course 10

A professional, free Spanish course for beginners brought to you by Spanish With Paul!


Hi everyone, this is Paul!

A massive “thank you” to everyone for sticking with me through this mini course series on YouTube. I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and your feedback on how it’s helped to push your Spanish forward :-)

For mini course 10 I continue showing you the easiest way to express the future tense in Spanish and I demonstrate just how powerful one little syllable can be! It’s amazing.

In the middle section we look at how to say “it means” with a very common expression in Spanish, useful for everyday conversation.

Then finally I give you a sneak peak at how you can add 2000 words to your Spanish vocabulary very quickly by taking advantage of a clever language trick with its roots going all the way back to Latin!

Enjoy and see you next

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