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Todd Sucherman: "Sounds & Choices" - More Methods & Mechanics - FULL DRUM LESSON (Drumeo)

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0:06 - Songs "Tzan-O-Matic" & "Lunchroom Hoedown" by Tzan Niko
7:28 - Introduction
10:00 - Lesson Begins!
13:12 - How To Play Relaxed
28:23 - Getting The Best Sound From Your Drums
37:40 - Todd's Hi Hat Technique
44:28 - How To Keep The Music Fresh
52:47 - Giveaway Details
53:40 - Song "New Play"
58:11 - Q & A!
1:10:32 - Drum Solo

Todd Sucherman will be discussing the mental and physical approach to playing the drums so you can enhance your rhythmic vocabulary. This includes going back and ensuring you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of drumming. Todd’s approach will make you re-think what you “know”, and what you actually apply in your drumming.

Take the ti


David Garibaldi: Building Coordination - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

Useful Rudiments For Modern Drummers:

Click here for the sheet music!

Lesson Index:
0:06 - “There Goes That” by Ray Obiedo
5:44 - Introduction
10:23 - Lesson begins!
11:35 - Development Of The Two Sound Levels With The Hands
24:36 - Beyond Two & Four
38:26 - Odd Time In Four
57:10 - Q & A
1:06:00 - “Pocketful Of Soul” by Tower Of Power

David Garibaldi has been one of our most highly requested guests and it's an honor to have been able to host him in our studio. He's prepared a lesson jam packed full of drum knowledge so download the PDF above and buckle up!

David began playing drums professionally at 17 years old and joined Tower of Power at the age of 24 in 1970. Not too long after, he became one of the most sought after drummers in the industry. He has featured in hundreds of songs by notable artists and has also appeared on live TV and films. David won the R&B/Funk drummer award fr


Billy Cobham: The Art Of The Rhythm Section - Drum Lesson (DRUMEO)

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William Emanuel "Billy" Cobham, arguably the epitome of the fusion drummer, is an American composer, bandleader, and educator with an extensive list of accomplishments - and we are so honored to have been able to host him in our studio.

Having inspired drummers such as Carter Beauford and Dennis Chambers, Billy is one of the most influential drummers in history. You don't want to miss this lesson where he breaks down the fundamentals and nuances of creating a tight rhythm section in music.

Lesson Index:
0:06 - Song #1
7:36 - Introduction
12:14 - The Art Of the Rhythm Section
30:43 - Drum Solo
39:58 - Q & A!
57:18 - Song #2

Billy Plays:
Tama Drums:
Sabian Cymbals:
Evans Drumheads:
Vic Firth Dru


Bernard "Pretty" Purdie: The Purdie Shuffle - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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You are all in for a very special treat. We had the legendary Bernard "Pretty" Purdie at our Drumeo studios to take you on a drumming journey unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Bernard has played on over 4,000 albums throughout his career, and had the opportunity to grace the stage with amazing artists such as: Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown, and many many more!

Bernard was playing:

George Way Drums
Remo Drum heads
Sabian Cymbals


Benny Greb: The Art & Science Of Groove - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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Video Index:

0:13 - Song “Next Question”
6:35 - Jared intros Benny Greb
11:30 - “Time” Drum Lesson
27:19 - “Feel” Drum Lesson
32:44 - “Sound” Drum Lesson
38:36 - Track Benny Wrote
43:10 - “Body” Drum Lesson
50:07 - “Mind” Drum Lesson
55:30 - Open Drum Solo
1:04:03 - Q/A
1:20:16 - Song “Grebfruit”

It just keeps getting better and better at Drumeo. We've been honoured to host so many special guests, and this lesson was no exception. Drumeo was very proud to host Benny Greb in our studios to teach a lesson on "The Art & Science Of Groove".

Benny demystifies common perceptions about things like "groove" and "time" being something we are all born with, or just developed naturally. He gives practical tips and advice that you can use to make your drumming better today. Enjoy the lesson and please share!

Find out more about Benny here:

Facebook: htt


Anika Nilles: Exploring Quintuplets - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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Click here for the sheet music:

Lesson index:
00:13 – “Wild Boy” by Anika Nilles
5:14 – Introduction
9:21 – “Chary Life” by Anika Nilles
14:19 – Exploring Quintuplets
35:27 – “Queenz” by Anika Nilles
39:55 – Q & A
52:12 – “Synergy” by Anika Nilles

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Anika plays:
Meinl Cymbals:
Mapex Drums:
Evans Drumheads:
Vic Firth Sticks:


Thomas Lang: Applying Technique On The Drum-Set - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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0:12 - Cricket Chorus by Spark7
3:19 - Intro by Jared Falk
7:45 - Drum Lesson Starts!
52:20 - Drum Solo
56:37 - Resolution by Yumaflex
1:02:20 - Q/A
1:16:30 - Chainsaw Serenade by Stork

In this special Drumeo lesson, we had the pleasure of hosting Thomas Lang at the Drumeo studios for a lesson on "Applying Technique On The Drum-Set".

Check out more of Thomas Lang at these links:

Big Drum Bonanza -
Drum Camps -
Buy Thomas' Music -
Instagram -
Facebook -
Twitter -

Thomas Lang plays:

DW Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
Remo Drumheads


Tony Royster Jr: Creative Concepts - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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In this lesson, we had the pleasure of having Tony Royster Jr. out to film a lesson on Creative Concepts. Just deciding on a topic was very hard as there was so many awesome things that Tony can show us. So we decided to choose a few and call the lesson Creative Concepts.

Drumeo would like to thank Roland Canada for helping put on this event. For more information on Roland Drums, go here:


00:13 ­ Solo
02:44 ­ Introduction

Creative Concepts
05:52 ­ Building Independence
13:02 ­ Developing Hand To Foot Independence
17:10 ­ Creative concepts within grooves
24:35 ­ Creative concepts within fills
28:21 ­ Creative concepts within the meter
33:27 ­ What helped you become more creative?
35:04 ­ How does the TD30 affect your creativity?
36:15 ­ Solo

Q & A
40:09 ­ Could you explain


Matt Garstka - Utilizing Systems & Methods For Efficient Practice (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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In this lesson, we had the honour to host Matt Garstka from Animals As Leaders. Matt discussed how he likes to use systems and methods to make his practice sessions more efficient.

Since graduating from Berklee in 2011, Matt Garstka has joined the band Animals as Leaders and taken the drum world by storm - being nominated for DRUM! Magazine's Progressive Rock Drummer and Rising Star awards, listed as one of the 10 best prog drummers by Rhythm Magazine, and featured on the cover of Modern Drummer.

Watch the video and make sure to leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a signed copy of Matt's issue of Modern Drummer with him on the cover!

Download the sheet music here:

Matt plays:

Tama Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
Remo Drumheads

Follow Matt here:

Facebook -


Larnell Lewis - The Groove Builder & Hybrid Drumming (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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Video Index:

0:13 - Intro Track
5:41 - Jared Talk (blah blah blah)
7:35 - The Groove Builder
18:13 - Hybrid Drum Solo
23:37 - Hybrid Drum Lesson
42:24 - Larnell Track
49:43 - Q/A
1:01:06 - Larell Drum Solo

In this lesson, we had the pleasure of having Larnell Lewis to our studio to discuss The Groove Builder and Hybrid Drumming. Larnell has most recently been touring with the Grammy Award winning group, Snarky Puppy. He also just played a show with The Rolling Stones Project!

The Groove Builder is a simple concept that can really force you to practice being creative, and get out of the rut of playing the same old beats and fills all the time.

Larnell's approach to Hybrid Drumming is very interesting. He uses a combination of Yamaha DTX electronics, Yamaha Acoustic drums, and Zildjian Gen16 cymbals.

Sean from Yamaha Drums Canada worked hard to bring Larnell out during this clinic tour. We are so grateful to have s


Ben Sesar - Building Musical Freedom On The Drums (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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Video Index:

0:13 - Intro Track (Time Warp)
4:10 - Dave Talk (blah blah blah)
7:30 - Developing Musical Freedom Lesson
30:00 - Hand Technique Lesson
54:05 - Q/A
1:02:31 - Track (American Saturday Night)

In this video, we had the opportunity to work with Ben Sesar. For the past 15 years, Ben has been touring and recording for award winning country artist, Brad Paisley.

Ben discusses many different conceptual ideas on how he likes to build musical freedom behind the drums. He also discusses his unique approach to hand technique.

Check out Ben's website here:

Ben plays Pearl Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Remo Heads, and Vic Firth Drumsticks.


Peter Erskine - Playing Brushes With All Styles Of Music (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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In this lesson, we had the enormous pleasure to welcome Peter Erskine to the Drumeo studios. Yes, you read that right... Peter Erskine!

Peter is a two time Grammy Award winning drummer that has played with Weather Report, Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell, and Steely Dan (just to name a few). He's recorded on over 600 albums and been touring as a professional drummer for years.

In this lesson, he talks about basic brush technique, and how you can apply this to many different styles of music. We know you'll really enjoy it!

Find out more about Peter's apps here:

Follow Peter on Facebook here:

Special thanks too all of Peter's endorsers:
- DW Drums
- Remo Heads
- Vic Firth Drumsticks
- Samson Technologies
- Zildjian Cymbals

Thank you for all your support, we really appreciate you viewing, commenting, and sharing these lessons!


Tony Royster Jr - How To Build Hand Speed - Drumeo Edge (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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In this lesson, we had the opportunity to have Tony Royster Jr join us at Drumeo as part of his Canadian Roland Clinic Tour. The event was amazing as over 2200 people watched as we streamed it live! Now you can watch the recorded lesson, just in case you missed the live event! (don't miss another event, go to and get a free account so you're notified of the next one)
Tony discusses some ways that you can develop hand speed, as well as how to develop your timing. Enjoy!
Check out Tony on social media:

Buy his signature Lexdray bag:
This was shot in White Rock, B.C., Canada at Blue Frog Studios


Sonny Emory - Linear Concepts & Flamercises (FULL DRUM LESSON)

The Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience:

Sonny Emory gained fame for his legendary drumming with the R&B group Earth, Wind & Fire -- and has performed with a virtual 'who's who' in pop and jazz music including Stanley Clarke, Bette Midler, Steely Dan, Bruce Hornsby, the B-52?s, Paula Abdul, and Jennifer Lopez.

We are so happy that Sonny Emory was able join us at Drumeo, thanks to the help of Yamaha Drums, for a special lesson on "Linear Concepts & Flamercises" that will benefit drummers of all skill levels. Enjoy!

Get The Sheet Music:
See what Sonny's up to at

Drumeo would also like to thank Sean Browne and Ken Infanti from Yamaha Drums Canada. They put us in contact with Sonny and none of this would've been possible without their support. When deciding on a new kit, please consider Yamaha:


Jim Riley - Creating Grooves That Work (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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Click here to download the sheet music:

Here is a complete song list:

Before (0:14)
Feelings Gone (41:04)
Legend (1:10:25)

These songs are excerpts from Jim's books called The Nashville Number System and Song Charting Made Easy. You can find out more about both books here:

Drumeo had the incredible opportunity to host Jim Riley in our studios for a lesson on "Creating Grooves That Work". This was a follow-up to his first Drumeo lesson called "Fills That Work".

Jim is the drummer and bandleader for multi-platinum group, Rascal Flatts. He has also played on numerous TV shows, movies, and albums. He was voted country drummer of the year by the readers of DRUM! magazine from 2011 - 2014, as well as best clinician of the year in 2009.

Jim is also a passionate educator and has a private teaching studio called "The Drum Dojo" which he opened i


Thomas Pridgen - Applying Rudiments To The Drum-Set (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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It was an honour for Drumeo to welcome Thomas Pridgen to our studio to record a lesson on Applying Rudiments To The Drum-Set. Thomas plays drums unlike anyone else I've ever seen before. Such a crazy amount of precision, power, and speed.

My advice, take the time to watch this full lesson, it's worth every minute, I promise. :)

- Jared Falk

Thomas plays DW Drums, Evans Drumheads, Pro-Mark Sticks, and Zildjian Cymbals.


Dafnis Prieto - Rhythmic Independence Within Latin Drumming (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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Video Index:
0:14 - Drum Solo
4:37 - Intro Dafnis
7:04 - Drum Lesson
42:34 - Q/A Session
1:05:00 - Drum Solo

Drumeo was very happy to welcome Dafnis Prieto to our studios! Thank you so much to Sean Browne from Yamaha Drums Canada for arranging the event and introducing the Drumeo community to this amazing drummer!

Dafnis Prieto is a Cuban-American drummer, composer, and educator whose revolutionary drumming techniques have made a significant impact on the Latin and jazz music scene.

He has won the 2011 MacArthur Fellowship Award, the "Up & Coming Musician of the Year" by the Jazz Journalists Association in 2006, and earned Grammy Award Nominations for "Best Latin Jazz Album" and "Best New Artist" in 2007.

Download the sheet music here:

Check out Dafnis here:

Choose your ne


John Blackwell - Drumming Discipline & Improvisation (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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Video Index:

Intro Song - 00:00
Drum Solo - 07:20
Jared Intro - 17:45
Discipline - 19:53
Squirrel - 34:44
Improvisation - 35:23
Drum Solo - 39:00
Song "Father Daughter - 49:54
Questions - 55:35
Drum Solo - 1:28:00

In this lesson, we had the amazing John Blackwell (Prince, Patti Labelle, Cameo, Justin Timberlake) come to teach us a lesson about Drumming Discipline & Improvisation. John was such a fun guy to have in our studio, and his passion for sharing drumming knowledge was inspirational.

Check out John's album here:

Thank you so much to Tama Drums, Yamaha DTX Drums, and Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks.


Gospel Drum Lessons - Larnell Lewis (FULL DRUM LESSON)

The Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience
- -- 30-day free trial!

In this lesson, we had the privilege to have Larnell Lewis out at our studio to actually broadcast three live lessons on Gospel Drumming. This was the first one and was free for everyone to check out. The others are for members only so you gotta sign up! :)

Get the sheet music by signing up for a Drumeo Edge account here:

To follow Larnell you can use these links:

Larnell is endorsed by:

Yamaha Drums
Evans Drumheads
Zildjian Cymbals
Pro-Mark Drumsticks

Gear List Used In Video:

- Yamaha Live Custom (Emerald Shadow, 10, 12, 16, 22)
- Yamaha Sensitive Series Snare (6.5" x 13")
- 14" Zildjian Constantinople Hi-Hats
- 13" A Zildjian Pocket Hi-Hats
- 16" Zildjian Armin Crash
- 17" Zildjian A Custom
- 8" Zildjian Fast Splash
- 20" Zildjian K Ride
- 18" Zildjian Armin Crash


Stanton Moore - Musical Mileage (FULL DRUM LESSON)

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In this video, we had the privilege to have Stanton Moore in our studios. Stanton is a drummer and educator from New Orleans. He helped found the New Orleans-based essential funk band Galactic, whose first album Coolin' Off led to nearly 200 gigs per year for ten straight years.

This lesson is on Musical Mileage and Stanton will show you how to get the most out of a particular pattern. Enjoy!

Stanton is endorsed by:

Gretsch Drums
Crescent Cymbals
Vic Firth Drumsticks
LP Music
Remo Drumheads
DW Hardware

Follow Stanton on Facebook here:

Follow Stanton on Twitter here:

Check out Stanton's website here: