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Complete Sewing and Fashion designing course for beginners (Urdu,Hindi)

we have designed a complete and easy to follow sewing and fashion designing course for beginners. After completing our course you are able to sew and design your clothes like a professional designer. you just have to follow our course step by step

Humne apke liyeh silai aur designing ka aisa course design kiya hai jo buhat hi asan aur tafseel se apko silai aur designing sekhai ga .apne bus hamaray course ko follow karna hai aur practice karni hai .

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how to measure shirt | kameez size (urdu | hindi) Lesson 1 Complete sewing course

This video is about how to measure shirt | kameez size for beginners. This is the first lesson of our complete sewing and fashion designing course. You can easily take the shirt | kameez measurement by following our method. In a later video, we also tell you about pant | shalwar measurement and how to take dress measurement as well.

is video mai apko jo how to measure shirt | kameez size hai is mai buhat hi asan tarikay se kameez ke naap ka tarika bataya gaya hai takay ap asani se kameez ka naap le sakhain


How to draw Kameez Pattern (Urdu/Hindi) Lesson 2 of our Complete sewing and fashion designing course

This is the 2nd lesson of our Complete sewing course. In this lesson, we teach you how to draw Kameez Pattern in a book and will show you how to cut it in the next lesson.

Is lesson mai apko kameez ki drafting ke baray mai bataya jaiga ke kis tarha ki jati hai .


Kameez Cutting in Urdu Part 1 Easy step by step method (Lesson 3 of complete sewing course)

You will learn kameez cutting in this lesson 3 of our sewing course. In this video, you will learn kameez cutting step by step in the very easy way.


Kameez Cutting in Urdu Part 2 Easy step by step method Lesson 3 of Complete sewing course

This is the part 2 of our kameez cutting in Urdu video. This is easy step by step kameez cutting tutorial. You can easily learn sewing by watching and following our complete sewing course

Yeh kameez cutting ki dosri video hai is mai hum apko asan tarikay se cutting karna sekhainge .


Kameez stitching tutorial Lesson 4 of Complete sewing course for beginners

In this video, we are teaching kameez stitching step by step. This is the fourth lesson of our complete sewing course for beginners. Kameez stitching tutorial

Hum apko is video main kameez ki stitching ka asan tarika sekha raha hain .yeh hamaray course ka fourth lesson hai .


Trouser Measurement |Trouser drafting | How to take trouser measurement (lesson 5) in Urdu

Trouser Measurement and Trouser Drafting is the 4th Lesson of our Complete sewing course. This is the easy step by step method of trouser measurement and trouser drafting. By watching this video you will able to sew your own trouser with ease.


Trouser Cutting | Ladies Pant Cutting | How to cut trouser (Lesson 6) in Urdu

Easy step by step method of trouser cutting. This is the 6th lesson of our sewing course. We are teaching how to cut trouser by yourself in an easy way. We will teach you everything regarding sewing and fashion designing. Just Subscribe to our channel.


Ladies Pant Stitching | Ladies Trouser Stitching | Pajama Silai (Lesson 7) in Urdu

Step by Step method of Ladies trouser stitching. This is the easy tutorial for ladies pant stitching.

Is video main buhat hi asan tarikay se pajama silai batai gai hai jo ap asani se khud kar sakthay hain .is ko ladies pant or ladies trouser or narrow trouser bhi khetay hain


How to Make Gharara from Dupata | Make Gharara from leftover fabric

In this video lesson, we are teaching you how to make gharara from dupata easily at home. you can make gharara from leftover fabric at home.


How to sew abaya | How to sew panel abaya | Abaya tutorial

In this video, we are teaching you how to sew abaya easily at home. we are teaching panel abaya with ease at home.
this is the easiest abaya tutorial online

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