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Arduino Lessons with Paul McWhorter




LESSON 1: Simple Introduction to the Arduino

In this simple tutorial we will take you step by step through the process of writing your first arduino microcontroller program. The program will blink an LED on the circuit board. Please see details at my site


LESSON 2: Simple Arduino Breadboard Tutorial

This video shows how to connect a circuit on a breadboard. It shows how the rows and columns of the breadboard are connected. We demonstrate this with a simple LED circuit controlled by the Arduino. The complete project can be seen at our WEB site:


LESSON 3 - Arduino For Loops and LED Circuit

Arduino Lesson 3 introduces the concept of a for loop and shows how it works. The lesson centers around controlling two LED's. Concepts of code documentation and comments are also introduced. See resources and full details at


LESSON 4: Printing Over the Arduino Serial Port

This Arduino Lesson shows how to print to the computer screen from the Arduino microcontroller. For the full lesson see go to Arduino Lesson 4 at


LESSON 5: Working with Strings in Arduino

This video tutorial shows how to work with simple arduino strings. See the full lesson at


LESSON 6: Reading Data from Arduino Serial Monitor

This arduino lesson presents a simple tutorial on getting user input from the serial monitor over the serial port. This allows you to interact with the user, and not have to hard code your parameters into your program. You can get the schematic and starting code at Lesson 6 at


LESSON 7 Using While Loops with Arduino

This tutorial shows use of while loops with the arduino microcontroller. Code and schematic available at


LESSON 8: Write Analog Voltages on the Arduino

This lesson shows how you can output analog voltages on the Arduino microcontroller. On the arduino uno you can do analog writes on pins 3,5,6,9,10,11. These are the pins marked with the squiggly lines. You can get more supporting information including code and schematics at our WEB site


LESSON 9: Ohm's Law and Potentiometers with Arduino

This lesson gives a brief introduction to Ohm's Law for simple circuits that have only one current path. More details can be found at Lesson 9 at


LESSON 10: Reading Analog Voltages with Arduino

This video describes how to make analog voltage measurements on the arduino using pins A0 through A5. A simple voltage divider circuit is set up using a potentiomenter. The circuit schematic can be found on lesson 10 at


LESSON 11: Using Arduino to Create Dimmable LED

This lesson shows how to build a dimmable LED using the arduino. For detailed schematic and sample code visit and view lesson 11.


LESSON 12: Simple and Easy Way to Read Strings Floats and Ints over Arduino Serial Port

This tutorial is a simple and easy way to read Strings over the Arduino Serial Port. Also, will cover reading Ints and Floats. More details at lesson 13.


LESSON 13: Controlling an RGB LED with Arduino

This tutorial shows simple technique of how to control an RGB LED with an arduino with step by step instructions and detailed circuit schematic. Schematic and sample code can be found at arduino lesson 13 at


LESSON 14: Arduino If Statements and Conditionals

This tutorial shows how to control the color of an RGB LED based on input from a user. This requires use of if statements and conditionals. You can see additional resources for this project at, go to lesson 14.


Arduino Color Sensor Project Totorial

This shows a Super Cool project where we control the color of an RGB LED by the color of cards placed in front of a color sensor. The RGB LED will match whatever color is put in front of the sensor. Full details will be in our Arduino Lesson 15 video, at lesson 15 at


LESSON 15: Arduino Color Sensor and RGB LED

This tutorial shows you how to create a project where a color sensor reads the color of a colored card, and then sets the RGB LED to that color. This is done with an arduino microcontroller. The system works well for a wide variety of colors, not just the primary colors. More details see arduino lesson #15 at


LESSON 16: Controlling a Servo with Arduino

This video shows step-by-step tutorial on controlling a small servo from the arduino. We use several simple examples and go through the code and circuit. For more information, schematic and code, see and look at LESSON 16.


LESSON 17: Measure Speed of Sound with Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

This tutorial presents simple step-by-step instructions on how to accurately measure the speed of sound using an arduino microcontroller and an ultrasonic sensor. It operates based on echolocation, and is similar to the mechanism used by bats to navigate in a dark cave. It is also similar to how Sonar works on submarines. For code and complete details, visit my web site at and see Arduino Lesson 17.


Lesson 18: Measure Distance with Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

In this tutorial we show simple step-by-step lesson on how to measure distance with an arduino microcontroller and an ultrasonic sensor. The measured distance is based on the ping time to the target of an ultrasonic ping. The measured distance is displayed via a servo and hand drawn scale. The sensor used is the virtuabotix ultrasonic sensor, and the servo is from the Sparkfun Inventor kit. Key concept in this lesson is to show students how important it is to apply what they know from Algebra related to lines in order to map inputs (distance measurements) onto outputs (servo angle).


LESSON 19: Using LCD Display with Arduino

This tutorial shows step-by-step instructions on how to connect a 16X2 LCD with the Arduino microcontroller. The tutorial shows the circuit schematic and example code to get a simple project going. For more resources see Arduino Lesson 19 at